Bruce Bernstein - Pure Hoops Media

Bruce Bernstein - Pure Hoops Media

Chief Content Officer of Pure Hoops Media, ESPN producer for 36 years.

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This week on The Wormcast it's Episode 39 and a full year into this show. My guest is long time ESPN production veteran Bruce Bernstein, who is now the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer for Pure Hoops Media. They have a roster of informative basketball podcasts with an eclectic cast of hosts covering the NBA, college and the women's game. Bruce and I go way back to the early 80's and ESPN's formative days and then we dive into many NBA stories and issues. Enjoy!

Topics discussed: 2:20 Bruce's early days at ESPN 8:15 Working with the late great Tom Mees 11:20 Bruce working the first ESPY's - Jim Valvano's Speech 19:30 NBA Today with Mark Jones 23:30 Bruce's relationship with David Stern 29:30 The fallout and cultural turn of the NBA after Malace at The Palace 34:20 ESPN's NBA studio shows 40:20 Fallout from the NYT - Rachel Nichols situation 53:30 Bruce founding Pure Hoops Media 1:04:30 The NBA after LeBron 1:09:00 80's NBA v 2021 NBA - style and entertainment 1:12:30 NBA Finals 1:14:30 How do you fix the NBA schedule for all stakeholders?

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