Clark Pierce - Founder Emerging Media Technologies

Clark Pierce - Founder Emerging Media Technologies

Sports media expert and innovation consultant

Show notes

This week on The Wormcast it's episode 42 and my guest is Clark Pierce founder of Emerging Media Technologies. We discuss a variety of sports media topics from how NBC can make the Olympic viewing experience better in the future, NFL Sunday Ticket Barstool Sports and DraftKings investing in media properties, the changing media landscape of college football, soccer streaming and the Premier League's US media rights going to tender. Enjoy!

Topics discussed: 1:50 How NBC can make Olympics more viewer friendly 22:10 Sinclair vs Dish Network and the future of RSNs 35:10 NFL Sunday Ticket 41:15 Sports gaming companies investing in more media properities 48:30 Changing landscape of college football 57:00 European soccer is back, scorecard of streaming 1:06:40 Premier League US rights going to tender

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