Drew Ohlmeyer - E-Sports production executive

Drew Ohlmeyer - E-Sports production executive

A deep dive into E-Sports production, the culture of the gaming community and where it's going.

Show notes

This week it's episode 20 of The Wormcast: How Sports Media Happens. What is going on in esports? What is it as a media property and where is it going? E-sports production executive Drew Ohlmeyer joins me to discuss all things esports and conecting to the Gen Z audience.

Topics discussed: An overview of the major publishers and influencers in esports and gaming The success stories and question marks in esports The complex and fragmented esports audience Why esports will not have the fate of televised poker? The connection of video games to Gen Z Where will video gaming be after the pandemic ends? When will there be a water cooler moment in esports? The influence his father Don Ohlmeyer an all-time sports televison and entertainment executive had on Drew growing up. Drew lamenting on his beloved NY Jets and NY Mets Enjoy!

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