Jason La Canfora - NFL Insider CBS Sports

Jason La Canfora - NFL Insider CBS Sports

A deep dive into the NFL's wild off-season and off-field issues

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This week on The Wormcast it's episode 61 and my guest is Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. Jason has been one of the top journalists covering the NFL for nearly 20 years in print, broadcast tv and radio. You see him on fall Sundays on The NFL Today as their NFL Insider. We take a look at one of the wildest NFL off-seasons we can remember with trades, guaranteed contracts and a myriad of off-field issues. Enjoy!

Topics discussed: 2:00 The NFL as a year round sport even with just 5 months of action 11:00 NFL Salary cap fact and fiction 17:40 Deshawn Watson's precedent setting contract 22:10 Is the tide shifting on competitive balance in NFL? 25:25 Daniel Snyder's latest malfeasance 31:00 Latest on Brian Flores' lawsuit and ways to change hiring practices for head coaches 41:00 Pool of potential NFL is shallow 44:05 Wisest move by a club this off-season 45:35 Advice for aspiring sports journalists

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