Jonty Whitehead - President, SPORT BUFF

Jonty Whitehead - President, SPORT BUFF

Jonty has been international sports tv executive at Sky Sports, beIn Sports, & FOX Sports.

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This week it's episode 15 of The Wormcast. My guest is international sports television executive Jonth Whitehead. Jonty has spent his career with SKY Sports in the UK, beIN Sports in Doha, and with FOX Sports in the US. In early November Jonty was named President of SPORT BUFF. The company creates a live social game around sports video content through an overlay on the broadcast.

Topics discussed: How Jonty ended back at beIN Sports in Doha after time in the US 5:20 How beIN programmed at the beginning of the pandemic 9:45 How COVID highlighted the need for tv innovation 12:00 Piracy of international sports content and how beIN reacted to Saudi Arabia's beOutQ industrialized piracy. 16:30 Qatar as hosts for the World Cup 2022 19:00 An introduction to SPORT BUFF and how they are attempting to help engage younger sports viewers 28:30 Technology and the human element clashing in soccer and football. The referees and officials caught in the middle. 34:30 Jonty's road ion sports television 39:20 What Jonty learned from working in sports television in the US Links mentioned in this episode:

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