NFL announcer free agency with Clark Pierce

NFL announcer free agency with Clark Pierce

Troy Aikman leaving for ESPN will cause a seismic shift in the NFL tv landscape

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This week, it's episode 59 of The Wormcast. Troy Aikman leaving FOX after 20+ season's for ESPN's Monday Night Football is a seismic shift in NFL broadcasting. This will be the first of many dominos that will fall not only for announcers but production teams as well. Clark Pierce, founder of Emerging Media Technologies join me to discuss the fall out. We also have some thoughts on the Olympics and Phil Mickelson after his comments on the PGA Tour and new Saudi-backed Super Golf League. Enjoy

Topics discussed: 2:00 ESPN going all in for Troy Aikman and the ripple effect in the industry. 33:50 Olympics on tv, it won't get easier for NBC in Paris 39:05 Phil Mickelson, has he cost himself a future as a network broadcaster?

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