Rich Podolsky

Rich Podolsky

Author of "You Are Looking Live": How The NFL Today Revolutionized Sports Broadcasting

Show notes

This week a Thanksgiving treat for nostalgia fans. In 1975 CBS's The NFL Today revolutionized sports broadcasting with their innovative pre-game show with an eclectic cast of characters. My guest this week on The Wormcast is author Rich Podolsky who wrote the book on the history of the show called "You Are Looking Live!". A fun read and some great stories from Rich on the cast and crew. Enjoy!

Topics discussed: 1:30 The origins of The NFL Today 5:50 Phyllis George 7:45 Irv Cross 11:15 Brent Musburger 15:20 Super Bowl X pre-game in Miami 18:20 Jimmy the Greek's background 26:20 Greek's Grapevine and the fight between Brent and Jimmy

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