Rich Russo lead NFL Director at FOX Sports

Rich Russo lead NFL Director at FOX Sports

Inside how a Super Bowl broadcast comes to life

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This week on The Wormcast, ever wanted to know how a network provides you the pictures and sound for the Super Bowl? My guest this week is FOX Sports' lead NFL director, Rich Russo. The multiple-EMMY Award winner, Rich has directed four Super Bowls for FOX and six others for NFL International feed. Rich brings you inside the production truck on how the FOX team prepares and executes the biggest one-day event in America every year. Enjoy!

Topics discussed: 2:00 NFL broadcasts coming ouf the unusual 2020 season. 4:15 Directing Thursday Night Football and Sunday afternoons, how to plan and prepare 9:35 Communication between producer Richie Zyontz and director. Philosophy of broadcasts and with so many cameras how does everyone see everything? 21:00 Relationships with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman and communicating with them during games. 27:20 Rich's Super Bowl prep in the off week 31:30 Super Bowl prep timeline once at the Super Bowl site. 34:00 Friday full rehearsal of the pre-game elements, a crucial day. 37:15 Super Bowl 55 and NFL 100 pre-kick stories from Miami 42:15 The stress and importance of gettimg definitive shots in case of replay challenges. 44:20 What technology or access advances would Rich like to see to advance live storytelling 51:30 John Madden's affect on Rich and many of his colleagues career.

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