Wild Weeks of Sports Rights Deals

Wild Weeks of Sports Rights Deals

A summary of a the last few weeks full of tv sports deals across the landscape.

Show notes

This week on The Wormcast it's episode 34 and my guest is me. Just you and me this week going through a bushel full of major sports rights deals which have been finalized over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Topics discussed: 1:35 Amazon taking over Thursday Night Football in 2022. Time for innovation 6:04 ESPN's deal with MLB, six months of sports rights buying spree 10:20 Sinclair tying to go direct to consumer 13:51 NHL has new partners ESPN & Turner, why it's a good idea beyond the cash 20:49 The fallout for NBC losing the NHL and possibly walking away from Indy Car 25:06 College football playoff expansion and tv 28:48 Pac 12 has a new commissioner 30:40 Soccer deals galore CBS with Serie A and CONCACAF 34:00 FOX deal for Copa America 35:45 ESPN deal for LaLiga and the story behind it. 40:15 Premier League and MLS rights are next

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Jason Wormser

Jason Wormser

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