William Mao - Octagon VP of Global Media Rights Consulting

William Mao - Octagon VP of Global Media Rights Consulting

Topics: Sinclair, NFL, CFP, Olympics, Microsoft/Activision, Apple, Netflix, MLS

Show notes

This week, it's episode 57 of The Wormcast and my guest is William Mao, Octagon's VP of Global Media Rights Consulting. We chat on a wide variety of topics in the sports media landscape. William brings a unique perspective as we touch on subjects from the NFL, College Football Playoff to the Olympic Games on NBC, enjoy!

Topics discussed: 1:45 William's responsibilites at Octagon and his path in the buisiness 7:50 Sinclair's lifeline for their D-to-C product 15:00 NFL ratings juggernaut 20:00 CFP's missed opportunity 28:30 Competition for Neilsen measuring audiences 31:45 NBC's Olympics challenges 37:45 Microsoft purchasing Activision 40:20 Did Apple miss the boat on live sports and should they buy ESPN 46:20 Netflix 'Drive to Survive' now with the PGA Tour and ATP/WTA Tour 48:40 MLS and US Soccer rights

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